Monday, 25 March 2013

Classic Gaming UK on YouTube!

There's more to Classic Gaming UK than just a sporadically updated blog that gets about two visitors a month - that's this blog in case you're wondering. We also have our very own YouTube channel. Oh yes, not only can you read about games of yore here, you can also see them in action over on Google's video sharing site of plenty.

The Classic Gaming UK YouTube channel has footage of games that have been written about already on this very blog, such as Cool Spot, Phoenix, Moon Patrol, Kickle Cubicle, Crazy Taxi and Edd the Duck! There are also videos of the Conversion Comparisons of Marble Madness and Pac-Land. And, our most popular video, a playthrough of Fantasia on the Mega Drive. It's had over 7000 views in 11 months. Not sure how much of an achievement that really is, but I'm quite pleased. Going forward, to use a phrase overused in offices and other corporate environments, we aim to deliver more fantastic examples of games from decades past.

But that's not all! Oh no, not only does Classic Gaming UK's YouTube channel feature my attempts at capturing footage of video games in whatever convoluted way possible, it also features other game-related videos, and videos that aren't related to games in any way but might be of interest to people into nostalgia. In a half-assed attempt to declutter, I've been transferring VHS tapes to my PC before sending them to videotape heaven. So far, I have transferred and uploaded the free preview videos that came with issues one and three of Mean Machines Sega. There is also an extract from an episode of Movies, Games and Videos. I would have including the whole episode but as it includes bits from films, I'm not sure how this fits in with copyright rules. And there are also the commercial breaks from a Tommy concert performed by The Who that was shown on Sky One early in 1990, providing a fairly rare glimpse of the early days of satellite TV in the UK.

You can find Classic Gaming UK's YouTube channel either by searching for "classicgaminguk" (all one word) on YouTube, or by following this link:

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