Sunday, 1 June 2014

A quick update, new YouTube vids!

For those who don't know, Classic Gaming UK have a YouTube channel where I attempt to demonstrate my gaming prowess on games of old. Our channel can be found here: or by searching for classicgaminguk on YouTube.

Most of the videos are playthroughs of games, although there are some other old things that may be of interest to people into, er, old things. So far it's limited to old TV adverts, continuity and the like. I have been quite quiet on YouTube recently though. Partly because the redesign and integration with Google+ confused me, and partly because my upgrade to Windows 8 and then Windows 8.1 seemed to bugger up all of the stuff I had set up on my computer for creating videos. They'd either be choppy, blocky, jerky, or just not working at all. I've also recently changed to a new, more powerful, computer, and after a bit of work and effort, seem to be able to make videos again. So, I've decided that a way to bulk up the catalogue of videos in my channel but not to have to spend forever making them, and to also get to play a variety of games too, is too feature videos featuring just the first levels of games. This will give a taste of what the games have to offer, and may even lead to me discovering some hidden gems that I'd like to go further with - maybe even to attempt to complete and feature a full preview. First up is level one of R-Type, a game I recently reviewed. The review was of the Spectrum video, but the video is from the arcade game. Recording Speccy games is still not working quite right for me!

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