Thursday, 29 March 2018

Time to say goodbye...... And hello!!!

It's with a tear in my eye and an ache in my heart (although that might just be because I've had a very salty Chinese meal) that I write this, my final entry for my Classic Gaming UK blog on Blogger. The end is here, this is the final curtain, and all that.

But it's not really the end, nor is it the final curtain. Instead it's just the end of the first chapter. I've decided that it's time to expand, to grow, to get bigger, and also to change my name. Well, my Classic Gaming UK name. So, Classic Gaming UK is becoming Retro Gaming Power, and rather than the site existing here, it'll exist at All of the entries from here will gradually be transferred to there, as well as new stuff which I've written but never published, mostly due to not getting around to sorting out screenshots of all things.

The main purpose is that, as this site has always been about retro gaming, which is kind of timeless seeing as it's looking at stuff from the past, having a blog format that lists entries in order from newest to oldest kind of doesn't really work. I'd rather have a website which just allows you to select reviews of games, regardless of when I wrote them. As they're about old games, they'll be just as relevant if I wrote them now as if I wrote them five years ago. Plus I've always kind of wanted to capture the feeling of what it felt like to be a gamer in the 1980s and 1990s. So I've created my own website from scratch with the intention that it pays tribute to the type of magazines that we had around that period.

So, if you're one of the visitors, or even followers, of this site on Blogger, I thank you for being here, for reading my stuff and for helping me to grow the site. And I hope that you join me at as I continue my exploration of the games from the past!

Thank you and Goodbye!!

Classic Gaming UK
2009 - 2018